Saturday Mar 10 830 to 1230
Friar Tucks Forest Lake with the Soupbones
Saturday Mar 16 8 to 12 pm
Ziggys, Stillwater with the Soupbones
Sat Mar 17
McCoys Elk River 8 to 12
Friday Mar 23 BlainBrook in Blaine 7 to 11
Saturday Mar 24 Blvd in Mendota 8 to 11
Sat April 7 The Ktrain at Rostamos 8 to 12 Crystal, Mn
Sunday June 3
Famous daves uptown brunch 10 am to 2 pm
Friday June 8
The Bourbon room in Cross Lake, Mn
Sun 6 pm
Dare Force with Hairball In Lake City, Mn
Friday July 13
The Bourbon room in Cross Lake, Mn
Sat Aug 18 
The Bourbon room in Cross Lake, Mn
New gigs are coming in all the time stay posted and I will keep this updated.(I really will this time)
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