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   One comment we keep hearing over and over again is that we sound way better than the other Zeppelin tributes around.  But come out and hear for yourself.  We think you will enjoy it.  We work hard and strive to recreate the music and spirt of Led Zeppelin. We think there is a reason that people are still listening to Zeppelin and because of that we try and remain faithful to the recorded music while keeping the spirit and BALLS of Led Zeppelin.
                 Whole Lotta Zep features
Kelly Peterson          Lead Guitar
  The Killawatts, Badditude, Regime, Rocking Horse, White Raven are some of the bands he has played with. Ich bin ein Wild Weasel.  He also does solo acoustic and one man band gigs.  You won't find more of a guitar maniac around
Sean Smith               Lead vocals
     Everyone knows that you gotta have some serious talent and balls to cover Robert Plant.  Sean has them both in spades.  He was in an original band called Hail Mary in the late 80s and nineties. He has also done a journey tribute band.  (that tells you the kind of voice this guy has)
Chris Lakey  Drums
One of the best drummers on the planet!  Played with Life Force,  Mockstar, Hericane Alice, Shane and wild weasels
Charles Fletcher       Bass Guitar
    And last but certainly not least we have Charles.  Mick Sterling and the stud brothers, Lamont Cranston,  and the Buzz, are some of the bands who have benefitted from this guys' extraordinary bass playing.  He is a teacher at McNally Smith school and a master musician.

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