Dear Prudence A fav Beatles/John Lennon song
This is the version of my song I recorded for the 2018 Dare Force cd titled Callin' Your Name. ImeMy song
Evil Hearted
From the lost cd The 80s was Hades
Over the Mountain (*Live Ktrain)
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Crazy Train
Crack House
What a freaking poser!
LIVE KTRAIN at the breakaway
John Keyte bass
Billy Thayer drums
Day of the Eagle
Kellys Rants
Sweet Child Of Mine
Fairies wear boots
The Last Steam Engine Train
written by John Fahey I took my version from Leo Kottke
Johann Sebastian Bach
Goin to California A classic Zep tune This time I sang it.
Acoustic Tunes.  these are some of the tunes I do in my solo acoustic act. Yes it is an act. Total method acting. I become that character! They are all totally solo with no trickery but I am acting. Confusing I know
*Myself on guitar and vocs, Eric Wright bass, Billy Thayer drums Live at the full moon in Theydowantusbak,Mn
 I only play what I can stand to play
Callin Your Name
This is my song The title track of Dare Force's 2018 cd, I left Dare Force In spring of 2019
Daytripper/Lady Madonna
Ok I took a lot of this including the idea to play it from the great Tommy Emmanuel. But I did add my own bit in the beginning, middle and end.
Windy and Warm Classic Chet Atkins tune written by JD Loudermilk
Life coach/sex slave/agent wanted
Just another heartbreaker
Crossroader at Pickle Park 10 23 15